Nonfiction – Beneath the Sun

This  past week we  continued to explore the different sections of the library.  This week we featured Nonfiction or Information books.  The book we read was  Beneath the Sun (Title), written by Melissa Stewart (Author), illustrated/drawings by Constance Bergum (Illustrator).  The students then selected a book from the nonfiction section.  We talked about how to select a Just Right Book using the Five Finger Rule prior to looking for a book. 


Additional Activities

Printable – Animal Search and Find, Animal Word Search

Featured Books – Animals- Nonfiction

Computer Activity –  Search the catalog for animal books.

Posters –  Finding a “Just Right” Book and Five Finger Rule




Back to School – Ten Rules….

Welcome back to the first week of school and my first post of the school year.  Seems like everyone is talking about rules, so it seemed fitting to read a book about rules.  The book was Ten Rules You Absolutely Must Not Break if You Want to Survive The School Bus, written  by John Grandits, illustrated by Michael Allen Austin.


We talked about using a shelf marker to help us pick out books and how to check them out.  This first week I had the second graders pick books from the Easy/Picture book selection.  They were to look for a book by an author whose last name started with the same letter as their last name.  After checking out their books, students were given the choice to sit and read quietly or check the basket for this week’s printable activity.

Printable  – Free School Bus

Featured/Displayed Books in the Library  – Back to School 

Bookmark – Our School’s Library Website