Sidney and Sydney: Third Grade Mix-up

We will continue to read the books which have been nominated for the Buckeye Children’s Book Award.  This week we will be reading Sidney and Sydney: Third Grade Mix – Up by Michele Jakubowski.  The story is about a boy named Sidney and a girl named Sydney.  Subjects in the story include moving to a new school, diabetes, nut allergies, soccer and more.  Check out this first book in a series of beginner chapter books. 

Additional Activities:

Kidshealth – Research information about diabetes

Sidney & Sydney Quiz – Downloads

Featured Books – Past Winners – Buckeye Award


The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt

We will start reading the books which have been nominated for the Buckeye Children’s Book Award. We discussed what it meant to be nominated.  I then told them we would be reading each of the nominated books and then they would  voting on their favorite.

This week we will be reading The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt, illustrated by Oliver Jeffers.

Additional Activities:

Crossword Puzzle (from Texas Bluebonnet Award )

Favorite Color Opinion Printable (Penguin Educators Guide p.7)

Day the Crayons Quit Video (YouTube)

Houndsley and Catina – Series

This week we talked about books in a series.  We started with a definition, which included the idea that it is a set of books which are the same, but different.  We then went into detail about how they usually are the same (Main Characters, Author, Illustrator, Type of Story/Genre), using our Parts of a Story poster.  We then talked about how they were different (Adventure/Plot).

We then read the story Houndsley and Catina, by James Howe which is the first book in a series of Easy Readers/Beginning Chapter Books. This is a wonderful book about friendship and how we act toward someone who we value as a friend.  I shared with them other books by James Howe (Bunnicula series and Pinky and Rex series) and had other series on display throughout the library.


Extension Activities:

Houndsley and Catina Wordsearch

Houndsley and Catina Audio

Surprising Sharks!

Last week we read Surprising Sharks! written by Nicola Davies, illustrated by James Croft. This book is full of fun facts about sharks.

We looked at other nonfiction animals books by authors such as Jim Arnosky, Nic Bishop, Gail Gibbons, Steve Jenkins and Sandra Markle.

I demonstrated how to find books by subject using the library catalog.


Featured Website – National Geographic – Animals 

Wild about Us!

Last week we read Wild about Us! written by Karen Beaumont, illustrated by Janet Stevens. This is a wonderful book about accepting people as they are.

We talked about finding other books by this author as well as books by this illustrator using the library catalog.

Check out a printable  for this book  from  Love to Learn