Memoirs of a Goldfish – Point of View


This week we read Memoirs of a Goldfish by Devin Scillian, illustrated by Tim Bowers. We talked about Point of View.  Prior to reading the book, we talked about  what a memoir  is  and that the pronoun, I,  referred to the character  telling the story and not the reader.


I displayed Really Good Stuff’s Point of View Poster and pointed to it as I talked about how many books are written from the point of view of a narrator, someone looking at what was happening and telling us, the audience, what is going on.  Some books are told from the point of view of a particular character.  An example of a story told from two different points of view is The Three Pigs.  We talked about the traditional story versus the True Story of the Three Little Pigs by Jon Scieszka, which is told from the wolf’s point of view.

We discussed how this story is similar to Diary of a Worm, which has daily entries and is told from the point of a view of a character who is an  animal.

Coloring Page – Goldfish in a Bowl  (Use Red Print or Download buttons)

E BLU The Pain and the Great One/ Judy Blume
E BOR A. Lincoln & Me/ Bordon
E BRO Voices in the Park/Anthony Browne
E CHE Great Kapok Tree/ Cherry
E COL White Socks Only/ Evelyn Coleman (Lesson – First Person)
E CON Call Me Ahnighito/ Pam Conrad (told by the meteorite)
E CRO Click, Clack, Moo Cows that Type/ Doreen Cronni
E CRO Diary of a Worm/Doreen Cronin
E CRO Diary of a spider/ Doreen Cronin
E CRO Duck for President/ Doreen Cronin
E FAL Snappsy the Alligatorby Julie Falatko, pictures by Tim Miller
E FOR The Wolf’s Story by Toby Forward
E FOX Wilfrid Gordon MdDonald Partridge/ by Mem Fox
E POL Chicken Sunday/ Patricia Polacco (Lesson – First or Third Person)
E ORL I Wanna Iguana/ Karen Kaufman Orloff
E ROS Duck! Rabbit/ Amy Krouse Rosenthal
E RYL When I was Young in the Mountains/ Rylant
E SAY Sign Painter/ Allen Say
E SCI True Story of the Three Little Pigs/ Joe Scieszka (told by the wolf)
E SEN Where the wild things are\Maurice Sendak (Lesson – Third Person)
E TEA Dear Mrs. LaRue/ Mark Teague
E TEA Detective LaRue/ Mark Teague
E VAN Two Bad Ants/ Van Allsburg (Lesson – Point of View )
E WAT Chester/ Melanie Watt
E WEN They All Saw a Cat/ Brendan Wenzel
E WIL Chair for my Mother /Vera Williams
E WIL Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus/ Mo Willems
F MAC Black and White/ Macaulay
811 MAC I Didn’t Do It/ MacLachain
782.42 HOO Hey, Little Ant/ Phillip Hoose
940.5 MOC Passage to Freedom/Ken Mochizuki

Diary of a Worm
True Story of the Three Little Pigs

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I Face the Wind – Air

This week we read I Face the Wind by Vicki Cobb, a nonfiction science book about air, which is a topic our students are studying in the classroom.  A few weeks ago, we read Newton & Me about Force and Motion.  Vicki Cobb wrote a book on the topic of gravity called I Fall Down, which I shared with the classes before reading this week’s featured book.


Extension Activities

Coloring Page – Winnie the Pooh – Wind

Word Search – Weather Find-A-Word

Videos – INFOhio – K-5 – Digital Video Collection – Search – Air

Don’t Throw It To Mo – Geisel Award

This week we read the 2016 Geisel Award winner. The award is named after Dr. Theodore Seuss Geisel and is given to the author of the best beginner reader. This year’s winner is Don’t Throw the Ball to Mo by David Adler.


David Adler is the author of several wonderful beginner reader series including Cam Jansen and Bones series.  He also wrote the Picture Book series of biographies.

After the book, I demonstrated a catalog search for books about football (Subject) and had several on display for students to check out.

Additional Activities:
Video/Activities – BrainPop – Football

Books Online – Tumblebooks (Available free through our local public library)

1) Game Day by Tiki Barber
2) Teammates by Tiki Barber

Dr. Seuss’ Birthday – Read Across America

This past week we celebrated Dr. Seuss’ birthday (Wednesday, March 2) with Read Across America.  This year’s featured book is What Pet Should I Get?   Prior to reading the book, we talked about how this book was started by Dr. Seuss, but was completed afterwards using his other books to help them make decisions and then publishing it.


After reading the book we talked about stories which do not have definite endings (cliff hangers)  and which pet we thought they had picked  and why.

Additional Activities: 

Featured Books – Books by Dr. Seuss

Coloring Page – Draw that Pet

Word Search –  Pet Word Search

Video – Dr. Seuss