Character Ed – Generosity

This week we read  The Lady in the Box by Ann McGovern, illustrated by Marni Backer, a book about homelessness, hunger, and generosity (our character education word for this month).  We talked about our Silent Giving Assembly and why people would need food donations.

Additional Resources

The Lady in the Box

Generosity – Librarything

Introduction to the Catalog

This week we will be introducing the Catalog and how to use it to find  books in the library.  The Call # (or letters) tells us which section the book is located ( E=Easy Picture, F= Fiction Chapter, # = Nonfiction )  and the first 3 letters of the author’s last name .  We will be looking at the catalog and talking about searching by the title of the book or by the topic or subject (what the book is about) to find the Call #, as well as looking to see if the book is available in the library .   The story we read  is Hoop Genius: how a desperate teacher and a rowdy gym class invented basketball by John Coy, which can be found by searching the catalog using the Visual Search for Sports –  Basketball.

Additional Resources

Hoop Genius



This week we talked about Biographies. They are nonfiction books with facts and information about a person’s life. We talked about how they are organized in the library (in alphabetical order by the person’s last name ). Sometimes they include information about the person’s entire life or up to present time if the person is still alive and sometimes they are about an important event in that person’s life.    We  read Eat My Dust: Henry Ford’s First Race (1st grade) and Who Says Women Can’t be Doctors?  The Story of Elizabeth Blackwell  by Tanya Lee Stone (2nd grade) .


Extension Activities

Puzzle – Model A Ford Jigsaw Puzzle

Video – Henry Ford’s first and only race car

Additional Resources

Henry Ford

Elizabeth Blackwell