Nonfiction – Beneath the Sun

This  past week we  continued to explore the different sections of the library.  This week we featured Nonfiction or Information books.  The book we read was  Beneath the Sun (Title), written by Melissa Stewart (Author), illustrated/drawings by Constance Bergum (Illustrator).  The students then selected a book from the nonfiction section.  We talked about how to select a Just Right Book using the Five Finger Rule prior to looking for a book. 


Additional Activities

Printable – Animal Search and Find, Animal Word Search

Featured Books – Animals- Nonfiction

Computer Activity –  Search the catalog for animal books.

Posters –  Finding a “Just Right” Book and Five Finger Rule





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I'm an Elementary School Librarian, with a Masters in Library and Information Science degree from Kent State University. I retired at the end of the school year June 2017.

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