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by Bill Peet

Switchzoo – Make New Animals

Lesson Plan
Author Study – BIll Peet, talk briefly about Bill Peet, his connection with Dayton and Disney movies
Audio/Books on “Tape” – Discuss why you might listen to audio (sound effects, new vocabulary, while doing something else – driving, etc.)
Listen to the Audio version of Whingdingdilly – point out the sound effects (esp. when witch turns him into different animals).
Show students where audio books are in the library


Enjoying the Sunshine!|Lucky to be in First


Bill Peet

Other Books by Bill Peet
B PEE Bill Peet
E PEE Ant Elephant
E PEE Caboose Who Got Loose
E PEE Chester the Worldly Pig
E PEE Pinkish, Purplish, Bluish Egg
E PEE Whingdingdilly
E PEE Wump World (Ecology, Earth Day )
E PEE Zella, Zack and Zodiac

Home page for Bill Peet
Includes information about his books under Booklist, as well as information about the author under Biography

Children’s Book Author and Illustrator Bill Peet

Meet Bill Peet – Bookbag


Subject Headings/Keywords – Birds, Chickens, Nests

Books about Eggs
E AUS The Easter egg farm / written and illustrated by Mary Jane Auch.
E BRE Hedgie’s surprise / written & illustrated by Jan Brett .
E GOL Tillie Lays an Egg/ by Terry Golson with photography by Ben Fink
E GRA Odd Egg/ by Emily Gravett
E KIR Miss Spider’s sunny patch kids / by David Kirk.
E PEE The Pinkish, purplish, bluish egg / written and illustrated by Bill Peet .
E POL Just plain fancy / Patricia Polacco.
E POL Rechenka’s Egg/Patricia Polacco
E STO Minerva Louise and the colorful eggs / Janet Morgan Stoeke
ER COX Big Egg/ by Molly Coxe
ER FAR Paws and Claws / Erica Farber and J.R. Sansevere
398.2 San The Talking Eggs by Robert D. San Souci pictures by Jerry Pinkney
571.8 HEL Chickens aren’t the only ones / by Ruth Heller.
573.6 JAM The amazing egg / by Susan James.
598 BOR Birds, nests, and eggs / by Mel Boring
598 MUN Hatch? Roxie Munro
598.8 JEN A nest full of eggs / by Priscilla Belz Jenkins

Lesson Plan
Education World Lesson Planning: Five Eggs-traordinary Lesson Plans: Just Add the Eggs! http://www.educationworld.com/a_lesson/lesson/lesson337.shtml

Egg Dyeing, Natural Egg Dyes

Why all the Excitement about Eggs – Education World

Eggs Storybox
Story program about eggs includes suggested books , songs, and felt board activity


Subject Headings – Easter, Eggs, Flowers, Gardening, Life cycles, Robins, Seasons, Spring
Call # – 508.2

Paint and Make Rain Showers

Jean Marzollo Interview, Topic -Spring
Audio of her reading a poem about spring

Books about Spring
E BUN Flower Garden/ Eve Bunting, illustrated by Kathryn Hewitt
E CAP Katy Duck is a caterpillar/ Alyssa Satin Capucilli
E CAR Very Hungry Caterpillar/ Eric Carle
E CRO Diary of a Worm/Doreen Cronin (Available online through Tumblebooks)
E EHL Planting a Rainbow/ Ehlert
E EMB Welcome back, Sun / Michael Emberley.
E KRA The Happy day./by Ruth Krauss
E LAR The Imaginary Garden/ Andrew Larsen, illustrated by Irene Luxbacher
E POL Song of the swallows./by Leo Politi.
E SAY Eat like a bear/ by April Sayre, illustrated by Steve Jenkins
E SCH Spring thaw / by Steven Schnur
E STE The Gardiner/Sarah Stewart
ER RYL Henry and Mudge in puddle trouble / story by Cynthia Rylant.
508 BEE What happens in the spring / by Kathleen Costello Beer.
508 HIR Spring / Ron Hirschi
508.2 FOW How Do You Know It’s Spring?/ Allan Fowler
508.2 SAU Spring/ by Gail Saunders-Smith
633.6 LAS Sugaring Time/ by Kathryn Lasky
745.5 ROS Crafts to make in the spring / Kathy Ross
811 FLO Handsprings/Douglas Florian

VID – T Rechanka’s Egg (Reading Rainbow) includes story, interview with author, and egg painting demonstration
Spring http://www.brainpopjr.com/science/weather/spring/preview.weml (subscription)


Kidsdomain – Spring


Subject Headings – Chickens, Eggs, Rabbits, Spring

Adventurous Bunny and Easter Island http://www.learningbox.com/bunny/title.htm Read this story with felt board pictures
Fun & Games/ Easter http://www.meddybemps.com/easter/index.html 6 activities including Color Easter Eggs online
Jigzone – Easter http://www.jigzone.com/gallery/Easter?z=10 Jigsaw Puzzles online
Tale of Peter Cottontail Wordsearch http://www.funbrain.com/cgi-bin/wd.cgi?A1=PLAY&A2=0&INT=1&theme=*The_Tale_of_Peter_Rabbit

Books about Easter
E AUS The Easter egg farm / written and illustrated by Mary Jane Auch.
E GAR The great Easter egg hunt / by Michael Garland
E HEY Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes/ DuBose Heyward
E MAC Peter Rabbit’s happy Easter / by Grace Maccarone
E MIL The egg tree / story and pictures by Katherine Milhous
E POL Chicken Sunday / Patricia Polacco.
E POL Rechenka’s Eggs/ Patricia Polacco
E WAL The legend of the Easter egg / by Lori Walburg
E WOO The golden egg / [written by A.J. Wood]
745.5 ROS The best holiday crafts ever! / by Kathy Ross
745.5 ROS Crafts for Easter / by Kathy Ross

VID-T It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown [videorecording]

Faberge Eggs

Easter – History.com


Hat Coloring Page http://scrapcoloring.com/news/woman-with-a-flower-hat Online coloring
Fun with Hats http://www.meddybemps.com/9.421.html Matching Hats Game

Books about Hats
B LIN Abe Lincoln’s hat / by Martha Brenner ; illustrated by Donald Cook.
E ASC Happy birthday, Moon / Frank Asch.
E BRE The Hat/ Jan Brett
E BUT One snowy night / M. Christina Butler.
E D’AM Ella, the elegant elephant / by Carmela & Steven D’Amico.
E GER A three hat day / Laura Geringer ; pictures by Arnold Lobel.
E HOW Aunt Flossie’s hats (and crab cakes later) / by Elizabeth Fitzgerald Howard
E KEA Jennie’s Hat/ by Ezra Jack Keats
E KIM Stormy’s Hat: Just Right for a Railroad Man/ Eric A. Kimmel
E KLA This is not my Hat/Jon Klassen
E LUC A Hat for ivan by Max Lucado
E SEU The Cat in the Hat/ Dr. Seuss
E SLO Caps for sale / by Esphyr Slobodkina.
E SPI Do You Have A Hat? by Eileen Spinelli ( Includes many famous people and the hats they wore)
E STO A hat for Minerva Louise / Janet Morgan Stoeke.
391 COR Hats off to hats! / by Sara Corbett.
391 MOR Hats, hats, hats / Ann Morris ; photographs by Ken Heyman.

Lesson Plans
The Hat lesson Plan | Scholastic.com http://www2.scholastic.com/browse/lessonplan.jsp?id=1014 Lesson plan using The Hat by Jan Brett
Hats off to You! http://www.everythingesl.net/lessons/hats_caps.php Why do people wear hats? hats from around the world
Kid’s Econ Posters: Goods and Services – Jennie’s Hat by Ezra Jack Keats

Acrostic – Hats http://www.abcteach.com/free/a/acrostic_hats.pdf
Hat.com http://www.hats.com/c/1786/Children’s-Hats.aspx Check out different types of hats
Make the Hat into a Play http://www.janbrett.com/the_hat_play.htm Readers Theatre based on The Hat by Jan Brett
My Hat, It has three corners http://www.kididdles.com/lyrics/m020.html Song/Poem
Hats by William Jay Smith http://www.poetryfoundation.org/archive/poem.html?id=236582
Read It Again!: Hats on for Story Time http://misssarahsstorytime.blogspot.com/2015/01/hats-on-for-story-time.html

Minerva Louise

external image 51j1YRM4QNL._SY398_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg

by Janet Morgan Stoeke

A Hat for Minerva Louise ( Hats)
Minerva Louise and the red truck
Minerva Louise and the colorful eggs (Easter, Eggs, Spring )

A Hat for Minerva Louise – SuperBookBoy

Minerva Louise and the Colorful Eggs – SUPER BooKBOY

Minerva Louise and the Red Truck – SuperBookBoy

Janet Stoeke – author illustrator of children’s books http://www.janetstoeke.com/index.html


by Kathi Appelt, Marc Rosenthal (illustrator)

external image 9781442480544_p0_v1_s260x420.JPG

Meet Mogie | Houston, Texas USA

Meet Mogie – Curriculum Guide

Meet Mogie – Teacher’s Guide

Mojo -Definition

Ronald McDonald House Houston | Mogie’s Blog

Ronald McDonald House Charities


by Robert McCloskey

external image 29289.jpg


Books by Robert McCloskey
E MCC Blueberries for Sal
E MCC Lentil
E MCC Make Way for Ducklings
E MCC One Maine Morning
E MCC Time of Wonder
F MCC Homer Price
Lesson Plans
TeacherView: Lentil http://web.archive.org/web/20040430175355/www.eduplace.com/tview/pages/l/Lentil_Robert_Mc_Closkey.html

Lentil – Viewing guide


Robert McCloskey’s Hamilton Heritage

Lentil and His Dog Harmony by Nancy Schon
Includes photo of the scupture located Hamilton, Ohio

Hamilton, Ohio, City of Sculpture
Included photo and information of sculptures located in Hamilton, Ohio, includes Lentil and his dog
Children’s Books Maine Caldecott Winners by Robert McCloskey

Robert McCloskey Museum – Hamilton, Ohio

Robert McCloskey @ Web English Teacher

Ohio Reading Road Trip | Robert McCloskey Biography

WOSU Presents Ohioana Authors | Robert McCloskey

Fossils Tell of Long Ago


Subject Headings – Fossils
Call # – 552, 560

Dino Dig Interactive Game http://www.nmnh.si.edu/paleo/dinosaurs/interactives/dig/main.html
Ology – Paleontology
Fossil Tour http://www.ucmp.berkeley.edu/education/explorations/tours/fossil/5to8/Intro.html Animated video of how dinosaurs became fossils
Fossil Lesson | Dig it http://www.education.com/worksheet/article/dig-it-fossils-5/ Worksheet

B ANN Mary Anning
E Thomas the T. Rex: The Journey of a Young Dinosaur to Los Angeles Written by Michael Smith, Illustrated by Gayle Garner Roski
552 EVE Rocks, Fossils and Arrowheads/ Laura Evert ( p. 24-31)
552 HUN Rocks, minerals, and fossils / Rebecca Hunter (p.22-25)
552 PEL Rocks and Fossils / Chris Pellant. (p.28-38)
567.9 ALI Digging up dinosaurs by Aliki

Printables from Teachervision (Subscription – see Librarian)
All About Fossils Use this fill-in-the-blank sheet to explain to your class how fossils were created.
Science Fun: Dinosaur Habitat Find the 10 modern-day things hidden in a picture of prehistoric Earth.
Playing Prehistorics Here is a play from which children will learn dinosaur facts.
Future Fossils This art activity builds skills in clay.

VID-T 560 All about fossils [videorecording] / Schlessinger Media

Enchanted Learning – Fossils
Falls of the Ohio State Park http://www.fallsoftheohio.org/index.html ‘ Located in Indiana, these fossil beds are among the largest, naturally exposed Devonian fossil beds in the world
Fossils, Rocks and Time: Table of Contents http://pubs.usgs.gov/gip/fossils/contents.html
What is a Fossil? http://www.windows2universe.org/earth/geology/fossil_intro.html

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