Who would win – Tarantula vs. Scorpion by Jerry Pallotta

The last few weeks we were busy with book fair, but we are now back to library as usual.   Our featured book this week was Tarantula vs. Scorpion by Jerry Pallotta from the series Who would win.

The series was recommended by a student who asked if we had any of the books in our library.  At the time, we did not, so I took the information and the students name. After I purchased copies, the student was able to be the first student to check it out.  Students frequently help me keep up with new books in a series as well as new books/series that they are interested in reading.

Library Centers/Additional Activities 

Printable /Coloring Page – Enchanted Learning – Tarantulas, Scorpions (Membership is $20/yr. for print-friendly version)

Featured Books – Who Would Win series and Alphabet books by Jerry Pallotta.

Computer Activity – Search the Catalog to find out how many books/titles by Jerry Pallotta ( Author) we have in our library. ( I gave prizes/glitter pencils to students who could correctly answer this challenge)