Eat Like a Bear

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by April Pulley Sayre, Illustrated by Steve Jenkins
Photos of black bears eating, digging and climbing by Ben Kilham

Author Website – Eat like a Bear

Illustrators Website

Celebrate Science: Integrating Science and Language Arts
Lesson which focuses on how animals, find, catch and eat food, includes this book

Eat like a Bear – MacMillion Publisher
Previews of pages from the book

I.N.K. Feasts and Food
List of books about feast and food, including this book

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Spring into a Good Book

In celebration of Spring which begins officially this week,  I decorated the library bulletin board with a Spring into a Good Book banner and then used book covers to brighten it up.


During library program for grades 1-2, I am reading “Eat Like a Bear” by April Pulley Sayre and illustrated by Steve Jenkins. Before reading we talked about ways that we know it is Spring (longer days, flowers starting to pop up, animals that hibernate start to wake up).  As I was reading, I pointed out that the book is full of action words.  We talked briefly about verbs.

Extension Activities :

1) Students may make a collage by drawing an outline and then gluing scraps of brown construction paper or paper grocery bags.


2) Check out Ben Kilham’s slide show of bears eating different foods and other activities