Violet Mackerel’s Natural Habitat

This week for Earth Day, we read the first two chapters of Violet Mackerel’s Natural habitat by Anna Branford, illustrated by Elanna Allen.  In the story Violet makes a habitat for a small ladybug.


While reading, we talked  about idioms including what “making ends meet” and “bills going through the roof” meant.  Later in the story we talked about what a habitat is and what is necessary to have in it.  Both concepts were covered in their classrooms earlier in the year.  We then ended by talking about where we could get good information about ladybugs in order to make a new habitat (books in the library using the catalog and databases – online encyclopedia).

Additional Activities

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Printable –  Ladybugs (Enchanted Learning) , Word Search – Earth Day

Video –  Lorax or Wump World


Giant Squid

This month we are learning about different children’s book awards.  This  past week we talked about the Sibert Award for Nonfiction Books.  We read one of the winners of this year’s Sibert Honor Award –  Giant Squid by Candace Fleming, illustrated by Eric Rohmann.


Additional Activities

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Word Search – Ocean Animals (Habitat Series)

Coloring Page – Giant Squid

Video – Giant Squid

How Big Were Dinosaurs?

Last week we read the book How Big Were Dinosaurs? by Lita Judge.


We talked about how  there are no longer any dinosaurs (extinction) and how  we know facts about dinosaurs (fossils) .  We talked about how some scientists believe that dinosaurs disappeared due to a drastic change in climate and their habitats.  These are all topics that they are studying in the classroom.  We discussed that all the information or nonfiction books about dinosaurs (subject) are together on in the library and have the same Call #.  Students were then given a card with the Call# of a habitat, in order to find and pick out a book to use for a habitat project that they will be working on in the classroom.  As usual, there were books on display in the library about the subjects we discussed (fossils, dinosaurs, habitats).  In addition, there was a dinosaur bookmark.

Additional Activities

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