My Five Senses

Subjects – Ears, Eyes, Hearing, Nose, Sight, Smell, Taste, Touch, Vision
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by Aliki
Sid the Science Kid. | PBS | Senses
Play a game and guess which item feels soft, smells good, etc.

Free The 5 Senses Worksheets and Printables for Kids |

E STO Rain by Manya Stojic
573.8 HAL Animals and Their Senses Series/ by Kirsten Hall
612.8 ALI My Five Senses/ Aliki
612.8 MUR Five Senses series/ by Patricia J. Murphy..

Lesson Plans
Engaging the Five Senses to learn About Our World – ReadWriteThink

Making sense of our Senses

Ears –

Eyes –

Five Senses – SchoolTube
Video and song for children to learning the five basic senses

Senses – Brainpopjr

Your Ears

Your Eyes

Rain by Manya Stoic

This past week we read Rain by Manya Stojic.  The story is about the animals predicting the rain using their five senses.  The story is repetitive and cumulative so I encouraged the students to help me with the senses as I pointed to my nose, eyes, ears, hands and mouth. After the story we talked about how the rain falling is part of the water cycle.  We also talked about the setting of the books which is the African Savanna habitat.  Both water cycle and habitats are subjects which the students are studying in their classroom.  I showed them the Magic School Bus (series) book about the water cycle and we talked about how they contain information (Nonfiction) and each book was about a different subject (which is how nonfiction books are arranged) and therefore not together in the library.


Additional Activities

Printable – Water Cycle (TpT)

Video – Water Cycle (BrainpopJr) 

Game – Build an online habitat

Featured Books:
612.8 Five Senses
Magic School Bus (series)
551.57 Rain/Weather
591.7 Savannah/Habitat