The Wump World

by Bill Peet
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Subject/Theme – Earth Day, Ecology, Habitat, Natural Resources, Conserve Resources

Write a persuasive speech explaining your plans for living in harmony with the environment and co-existing peacefully with the Wumps.

The Wump World – TeacherTube
Read Aloud – Text not included

Cause and Effect with The Wump World – Tpt (Free)

Ecology Lesson Plan – 5th grade

Extend the Earth Day Learning

Habitat Mural

I Can’t Breathe
Integrate literature with science as students discover the important effect air has on plants and animals through experiments and recording data.


Diary of a Worm

by Doreen Cronin, illustrated by Harry Bliss
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Diary of a Worm (Weston Woods)
INFOhio – K-5 – Bookflix – Animals #16

Diary of a Worm – Lesson Plan

Diary of a Worm – Sequencing/Timeline Activity

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Fact or Fiction: Learning About Worms Using Diary of a Worm

Then What Happened? Lesson Plan based on Diary of a Worm, by Doreen Cronin |

Worms R’ US

See Doreen Cronin, Earth Day , Soil, Worms

Violet Mackerel’s Natural Habitat

This week for Earth Day, we read the first two chapters of Violet Mackerel’s Natural habitat by Anna Branford, illustrated by Elanna Allen.  In the story Violet makes a habitat for a small ladybug.


While reading, we talked  about idioms including what “making ends meet” and “bills going through the roof” meant.  Later in the story we talked about what a habitat is and what is necessary to have in it.  Both concepts were covered in their classrooms earlier in the year.  We then ended by talking about where we could get good information about ladybugs in order to make a new habitat (books in the library using the catalog and databases – online encyclopedia).

Additional Activities

Featured Books – Earth Day (Recycling, Trees, Ecology, etc.)

Printable –  Ladybugs (Enchanted Learning) , Word Search – Earth Day

Video –  Lorax or Wump World