Dragons Love Tacos

This past week we read Dragons Love Tacos written by Adam Rubin , illustrated by Daniel Salmieri.  This was a fun book to read aloud and I could tell that they were able to predict what was going to happen after the dragons eat the tacos, so I acted like I was afraid to turn the page, prior to revealing the result.


After reading the book, I talked about how they could check out the book later in the year. Since they might not remember the author’s name they would need to search for it on the catalog. Our library lesson this week was to learn how to find the call# of a book using the catalog .  The call# tells them the section of the library that the book is located (E= Easy Picture, F=Fiction Chapter, # = Nonfiction) and the first three letters of the author’s last name. They then searched the catalog by a title and filled out a CAT slip with the author’s name (Last name, First name) and call# (in red letters) .

Additional Activities

Featured Books – Books by Adam Rubin, Cookbooks

Printable – Unscramble Taco Words and Tacos or Pizza?

Computer Activity – Dragons Love Tacos Song, words are on this page, click on Song Download to listen to the audio version.


Nonfiction – Cats

This week we read a book about Birman cats from the series of books Cool Cats  .    


 Our library skill was to search the catalog and find the number of books/titles we have in our library about Cats (Subject).  

Additional Activities

Website –  Cats for Kids http://kids.cfa.org/index.html 

Featured Books – Cats 

 Printable/Coloring Page – Burmese Cat (Enchanted Learning)