Baseball Saved Us

by Ken Mochizuki

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Books about Japanese Relocation /Internment Camps (during World War II)
F UCH A Jar of Dreams/ Yoshiko Uchida
940.53 WEL Children of the relocation camps / Catherine A. Welch.

Ansel Adam’s Photographs of Japanese Internment Camp
Read the book, then compare illustrations with the baseball photo taken by Ansel adams. Go to Gallery – Collection Highlights – Sports & Leisure – Baseball.

Lee and Low Publisher – Baseball Saved Us – Teacher’s Guide

Read Baseball Saved Us



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by Peter Golenbock

Subjects – Jackie Robinson, Civil Rights
Call # – 796.357 GOL

CyberBee: Building Prior Knowledge (using Teammates by Peter Golenbock)

Literature: “Teammates” by Peter Golenbock | eThemes

Teammates by Peter Golenbock

Ballpark Mysteries

This past week we read The Fenway Foul-up (Ballpark Mysteries #1) by David A. Kelly.


We talked about how the author incoorporated facts about baseball and Fenway Park into this fiction story.  To check out some of the facts included in this story, go to the link above for Fenway Foul-up or check out the facts at the end of the book.

Additional Activities

Featured Book – Baseball

Printable –  Baseball Hall of Famers –  WordsearchJackie Robinson Coloring Page

Computer –  Baseball Trivia Quiz