Blueberries for Sal

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by Robert McCloskey

Blueberries for Sal Printables – Home School Creations
Ready to Print – Download the Blueberries for Sal Printables

Blueberries for Sal – Miss Yumi

Blueberries for Sal
Literature Guide

Blueberries for Sal – Discussion Questions

Blueberries for Sal – Discussion Guide by Jennifer Lee Richards


Beneath the Sun

by Melissa Stewart

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Award – Outstanding Science Trade Book 2016

Subjects – Sun/Heat, Animal Adaptations, Animals – Black Swallowtail, Crayfish, Earthworm, Fiddler Crabs, Frogs, Golden Eagle, Herring Gull, Horned Lizard, Jackrabbit, Osprey, Ringtail, Sea anemones, Sea Stars, Siren Salamanders, Spittlebug, Tadpoles, Turkey Vulture, Woodchuck

Vivid Verbs

Tag Talk #5 – Beneath the Sun
Student gives book report and tells why he really liked this book

Melissa Stewart – Vivid Verbs

Beneath the sun – Curriculm Guide

Ben and Me

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by Robert Lawson
Books by Robert Lawson
Ben and Me
Rabbit Hill
They were strong and good

Ben and Me – Disney

Common Sense Press – Ben and Me
Vocabulary and Discussion Questions

EdHelper – Ben and Me (required subscription/password)

Hotchalk – Ben and Me lesson Plan

Literature Guide – Ben and Me – Mrs. Lecklider

Making History Grant – 5th grade – Ben Franklin
Lessons and worksheets for this book and several others about Ben Franklin

Rising People: Benjamin Franklin and the Americans
Teacher’s Workshop Lesson Plans – 5th grade

Showing Credit Where Credit Might Be Due – WritingFx

Bear Named Trouble

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by Marion Dane Bauer
Subject Headings – Alaska Zoo, Lake Superior Zoo, Brown/Grizzly Bears, Canadian Geese, Spina Bifida

Lesson Plans
Louisiana Young Readers’s Choice Award Nominee 2008

Bear Named Trouble
Classroom Guide – Summary of the book, how the author came up with the idea for the book and classroom guide/discussion questions/additional links

Bear Named Trouble – edhelper

Trouble’s Story

Trouble the Bear

Websites about Brown Bears
Alaska Department of Fish and Game – Brown Bear

Alaska Zoo – Brown Bear

Defenders of Wildlife – Grizzly Bears

National Geographic – Mammals – Grizzly Bear

Enchanted Learning – Brown Bears

Websites about Spina Bifida
Spina Bifida| Center for Parent Information and Resources – Spina Bifida

Baseball Saved Us

by Ken Mochizuki

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Books about Japanese Relocation /Internment Camps (during World War II)
F UCH A Jar of Dreams/ Yoshiko Uchida
940.53 WEL Children of the relocation camps / Catherine A. Welch.

Ansel Adam’s Photographs of Japanese Internment Camp
Read the book, then compare illustrations with the baseball photo taken by Ansel adams. Go to Gallery – Collection Highlights – Sports & Leisure – Baseball.

Lee and Low Publisher – Baseball Saved Us – Teacher’s Guide

Read Baseball Saved Us

Ballet for Martha

by Jan Greenberg and Sandras Jordan, illustrated by Brian Floca

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Sibert Honor Award, 2011
NCTE ORbis Pictus Award for Outstanding Nonfiction for Children, 2011

Subject Headings – Appalachian Spring, Ballet, Aaron Copland, Martha Graham, Isamu Noguchi

Aaron Copland: Appalachian Spring

Appalachian Spring

Ballet for Martha – Book-a-Day almanac
Review by Anita Silvey

Ballet for Martha – MacMillan Publishing Company Website
Awards, Reviews

Milestones of the Millennium: Appalachian Spring

Dr. Seuss

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Wordsearch – The Cat in the Hat

AUD Horton hears a who! and other sounds of Dr. Seuss

B SEU The Boy on Fairfield Street: How Ted Geisel grew up to become Dr. Seuss/ Kathleen Krull
E SEU Horton Hears a Who!/ Seuss
E SEU The Lorax /Seuss
ER SEU Green Eggs and Ham /Seuss
ER SEU Cat in the Hat /Seuss
What Pet Should I Get?

VID Best of Dr. Seuss
VID The Lorax

Video – online
BrainPOP Jr. |Reading and Writing | Learn about Dr. Seuss

Author – Dr. Seuss

Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That! | PBS KIDS

Dr. Seuss
Printables about Dr. Seuss and his books

Dr. Seuss National Memorial

Dr. Seuss Theme Unit – Printables and worksheets

Featured Author: Dr. Seuss

Read Across America Day celebrates Dr. Seuss – ReadWriteThink

Reading Rockets: NEA’s Read Across America
Interview with Mrs. Seuss, bookmarks and more

Seuss Theme Page at Enchanted Learning

Biography about Dr. Seuss, Educators – Lorax Project

Varsity Tutors – Dr. Seuss @Web English Teacher
Websites about Dr. Seuss and each of his books

What Pet Should I Get?

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What Pet Should I Get | Seussville (Game)

What Pet Should I Get (Printable)

Books about Choosing a Pet
E BRO Children make terrible pets/ Peter Brown
E ORL I wanna Iguana by Karen Kaufman Orloff, illustrated by David Catrow
E RIE Aggie and Ben: three stories by Lori Ries

What Pet Should I get – StoryClub4Kidz

What Pet Should I Get? Book Activity

What Pet Should I Get – Bulletin Board Set

What Pet Should I Get – Reading Zone

What Pet Should I Get – SLJ Review

Grace’s Letter to Lincoln

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by Connie and Peter Roop

Books by Connie Roop
387.1 ROO Keep the lights burning, Abbie
973.3 ROO Buttons for General Washington
B COL Christopher Columbus
B SIT Sitting Bull


Dear Mr. President

Our Story: Activities: A Letter to Abraham Lincoln

Abe Lincoln’s Hat

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by Martha Brenner
Subject Heading – Abraham Lincoln, Presidents, President’s Day, Biography
Call # – B

Easy Readers about Presidents
Abraham Lincoln and the Muddy Pigs
George Washington and the General’s Dog
George Washington’s Mother

101 Objects: Lincoln’s Top Hat

Education World @ Lesson Plan: Celebrate Abe Lincoln: A Primary Timeline Activity

Abraham Lincoln’s Top Hat