The Brilliant Deep: Rebuilding the World’s Coral Reefs


by Kate Messner, illustrated by Matthew Forsythe


Subjects – Coral Reefs, Ken Nedimyer,  Coral Restoration

Summary – All it takes is one: one coral gamete to start a colony in the ocean, one person to make a difference in the world, one idea to help us heal the earth. The ongoing conservation efforts to save and rebuild the world’s coral reefs—with hammer and glue, and grafts of newly grown coral—are the living legacy of environmental scientist Ken Nedimyer, founder of the Coral Restoration Foundation. (Chronicle Books)



Chasing Coral – Movie Trailer

Coloring Page and Word Search – NOA

Coral 101 – National Geographic Video

Word Search – Coral Reef   – Print -a -Puzzle

Ocean First Education Explorer Series: Ecosystem – Coral Reefs – Video

Coral Printouts – Enchanted Learning (subscription required for best printing)


Books about Coral Reefs

At Home in the Coral Reef by Katy Muzik

Coral Reef by Gary Davis Lesson Plan p. 12 -17

Coral Reefs by Jason ChinTeaching Guide

Coral Reefs by Gail Gibbons (updated 2019)

Coral Reefs by Kathryn Hulick (AV2 by Weigl, 2018) (Google Books)

Coral Reefs by Precious McKenzie (Google Books)

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Coral Reefs by Kristin Baird Rattini (National Geographic kids, level 2) Printables

Coral Reefs by Seymour Simon – Read a Sample (Preview)

Coral Reefs: Cities in the Ocean by Maris Wicks (Macmillan)

Coral Reefs: Colorful  Underwater Habitats by Laura Purdie Salas and Jeff Yesh (Capstone Publishing) –  Google Books

Here is the Coral Reef by Madeleine Dunphy and Tom Leonard (Web of Life series)

Jump into Science: Coral Reefs by Sylvia Earle (Penguin Random House)

Life in a Coral Reef by Wendy Pfeffer, illustrator Steve Jenkins  – Activity Guide

One Night in the Coral Sea by Sneed B. Collard, III and Robin Brickman (Charlesbridge)

Over in the ocean: In a Coral Reef by Marianne Berkes and Jeanette Canyon (Dawn Publications – Activites/Bookmark)

A Trip Through a Coral Reef by Richard Spillsbury, Louise Spillsbury (Google Books)

Underwater Alphabet Book by Jerry Pallotta (Charlesbridge)


Websites about Coral Reefs

Coral Reef Creatures – – Lesson plan

Kids Do Ecology – Coral Reefs

Science for Kids: Coral Reef Biome – Ducksters

What is a Coral Reef? Elementary School | Smithsonian Ocean – Lesson Plan/Powerpoint


Websites about Ken Nedimyer/Coral Restoration Foundation

Coral Restoration Foundation

Coral Restoration – GreenMatters

Florida Keys Coral Restoration Project

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