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We are continuing to explore the different sections of the library.  This week we talked about our Chapter Book/Fiction section.  We talked about how they are similar to Picture Books (made-up stories, arranged in alphabetic order by the author’s last name) but they have fewer pictures or no pictures and if there are pictures they are usually just in black and white.  We then read the first chapter of “The Year of Billy Miller” by Kevin Henkes.  Kevin Henkes has written many picture books including Lily’s Purple Plastic  Purse.  Several of them have won awards.  The chapter book we read won the Newbery Award, and we talked briefly about that award.


After reading the first chapter, we talked about what we thought would happen in the rest of the book.  Then students were asked to pick out a chapter book that was just right for them.  Last week we talked about the Five Finger Rule.  This week we talked about  another method for  choosing books  – size.  Thinner or shorter books would most likely be easier vs. thicker or longer books which would most likely be harder.

We also briefly talked about taking care of library books.  We used a series of posters with rhymes on them, which I had covered the last word and they joined in filling in the blank.


Additional Activities

Featured books – Picture books by Kevin Henkes

Printable – Fiction acrostic poem (write poem using the letters of the word Fiction)

Computer Activity – Author’s Website – Kevin Henkes



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