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This week all the chrome books from the library  were being used for testing, so we went “old school” and used print encyclopedias to do some research .  We talked about how using encyclopedias to learn basic information was a good way to start a research project.  We talked about finding our topic by using the guide words on each page  and that they were in alphabetical order.

Second graders did research on flowers and drew a picture of their flower. They then found what color their flower was, how tall or number of inches/feet it grew and what month or season it bloomed.  We then put them together into a  book. Cover from  Enchanted Learning.


Third graders researched animals for their reports in the classrooms.  Animal Graphic Organizer

Fourth graders researched inventions.  They had studied Ohio inventors earlier in the year. Topics and Information to include in their reports

Fifth graders researched their  famous person for the wax museum project that they are currently working on in their classroom.  Biography Graphic Organizer.  We talked about citing using EasyBib and that in addition to the encyclopedia title and their topic/article name,  they needed to know the volume #, edition/year and page#.


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