The Christmas Day Kitten by James Herriot

This  week we continued with our cat theme, both reading books about cats as well as learning how to fill out a CAT slip (Call # ,  Author and Title of books ).    We read The Christmas Day Kitten by James Herriot. We talked about setting again this week.   We talking about how the Setting is not only the place but also the time period that a book takes place.  This week’s book was set in England a long time ago.  We could tell that the story took place in the past by the old car that was in the picture at the start of the story.


James Herriot was both an author and a Veterinarian.  We talked about what a veterinarian does and that he visited people and their animals at their farm or home.  This book is a true story, which like an information book, is a type of Nonfiction.   After reading the story, students looked for nonfiction books by their call #  and filled out the author and title of one book with that number.  We talked about books with the same number being about the same subject, such as 636.8 is the number for all books about cats..

Additional Activities 

Coloring Pages – What do Veterinarians do?

Featured Books – Books by James Herriot

Video – Author Profile: James Herriot


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