Houndsley and Catina – Series

This week we talked about books in a series.  We started with a definition, which included the idea that it is a set of books which are the same, but different.  We then went into detail about how they usually are the same (Main Characters, Author, Illustrator, Type of Story/Genre), using our Parts of a Story poster.  We then talked about how they were different (Adventure/Plot).

We then read the story Houndsley and Catina, by James Howe which is the first book in a series of Easy Readers/Beginning Chapter Books. This is a wonderful book about friendship and how we act toward someone who we value as a friend.  I shared with them other books by James Howe (Bunnicula series and Pinky and Rex series) and had other series on display throughout the library.


Extension Activities:

Houndsley and Catina Wordsearch

Houndsley and Catina Audio


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