Ice-Cream Cones for Sale! – Book and Activity

With the school year coming to an end, students no longer can check out books which means I have the entire 40 minutes for my library program.  As a result, not only can we read a great book, but we have time for extension activities.  Summer brings warmer weather, which of course means the perfect time for ice cream.  This week’s book is Ice-Cream Cones for Sale! by Elaine Greensteina book about the invention of the ice cream cone.  Several people claimed they invented it, but by using primary sources, the author proves who the real inventor was.

After reading the story, we made a pop-up book about the history of ice cream, using a worksheet from Mailbox Magazine.

Squares showing bowls of ice cream with dates and information are colored and then glued on a strip of paper like a timeline and then folded forward and back to make an accordion style book.

For additional activities and information, check out  my resource page – Ice Cream Cones for Sale


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