Selecting Books – Nonfiction Awards

This week we are talking about the Sibert  Informational  Award .  We talked about what nonfiction meant (contain facts and information, true stories) and where they are located in our library.  Just like the fiction books, nonfiction or informational books also are given awards.  The award we talked about was the Sibert Award.   I read   What to do about Alice? , an award winning biography about Teddy Roosevelt’s daughter  Alice.  I put other Sibert Award books out on display.  In our library, the Sibert Award books have yellow spine labels which make them easier to find on the shelf.

Additional Resources:   Sibert Award, President’s Children


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I'm an Elementary School Librarian, with a Masters in Library and Information Science degree from Kent State University. I retired at the end of the school year June 2017.

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